Sunday, April 8, 2012

What does your "card space" look like?

Every once in a while, I'll watch a video of a pack break or someone's Happy St. Patrick's Day Video and in the background, you will get to see a little bit of their "card space".  It got me wondering what everyone else's card space looks like and is it as messy as mine.  Although, I'm sure some of you will say it's not that bad.

Here is  an overview of my primary work area, my computer, scanner, etc is here.

It's actually gotten a little worse since I first took this picture.

Here is a closer look.

Those are a 3000 and a 5000 count box.  These have all my inserts, game used, parallels, etc. in them. My hope this year is to get it down to just the 5000 count box.

The area over the computer needs a serious cleaning.  The complete sets need to go to the Rubbermaid storage boxes I keep in the attic.  The stacks of cards need to go with my other cards in the basement.  If a stack is up there, it usually means I'm in the middle of a trade and I am searching that particular set for cards.
It's easier to keep them up here than making treks up and down the stairs to the basement.

This is where I'm sorting cards, at least for the moment.  The computer is now in the white cabinet in the background to give me some more space. The "sorting table" is in the furnace room, nice and warm in there with very little humidity.  I have yet to open those boxes of 2011 Topps Series Two, and Update.

Yikes, what a mess. It's interesting, I know this is a mess, but immortalizing it on the internet makes it seem even messier than I thought.  This is also in the furnace room.  On the right are a host of things.  The vending boxes have 1979-1983ish, Topps, Fleer, and Donruss.  In the boxes on the middle shelf are partial Yankee team sets. Each box is a different brand.  Underneath that shelf are two 5000 counts.  The one on the left has most recent cards from sets that I haven't completed.  The one on the right has mostly starter lots of cards that I need to trade.

The bread and butter.  All those boxes on the top shelf, are sets that I am working on.  I haven't done the math, but I estimate about 30 different sets at this time.  Most are for me, but some are for my two sons.
Beneath the set boxes are 3 5000 counts.  The one on the left has Score (which I don't collect), the middle one has more Score and recent Bazooka.  The one on the right is all Fleer, I believe it starts with 1993 and ends with 2006.  You can't see it in the picture, but there is another shelf below.  That shelf has 6, 5000 count boxes, mixed sets, Upper Deck, Fleer, Topps.

My goal is to get these areas under control and quickly.  As you know from a previous post, I'm a Virgo, and  I can't stand all this clutter.  Besides, it makes it difficult sometimes to find cards that I need for trade and I'm afraid of cards being damaged.

So, what does your card space look like?

I forgot to show this,

This is a better picture of what is the right hand side of the basement card area. Look closely at the top shelf, there is something(s) there you will see in a very near future post. No, it's not the fluorescent light bulbs.


  1. I don't have as many cards you do but I'd say in terms of messiness I'm in the same ballpark. Pun intended.

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone. How does your wife feel about it? Mine is constantly reminding me that I'm taking up too much space.

    2. I have most of my cards in one room and she's ok with that. The things around our computer/office area probably bother her a bit but we're both really good about accepting each other's messes. It goes both ways. Am I correct in assuming your wife has her own desk somewhere?

    3. She has a small area in the kitchen, but she would like me to make some space in the furnace room to put a desk and clear out the shelves.

  2. I have one room that is 2/3 dedicated to my mess. I've worked hard for over a year to get to this stage of organization. I figure another year and I'll have it licked.

    1. If I could get a week or two off, and no distractions. I might, might, be able to clean things up a bit.

  3. Pretty damn awesome. This makes me feel better since my card space could use a little cleaning myself. I did a post on my card space a little while ago on my blog:

  4. I have ZERO space. My wife doesn't want to see my cards period. If you read the first two or three posts I ever wrote, you'd understand why. I would love to have a basement or room to work in...yours looks great and a little disorganization never hurt anyone.

  5. I have about the same amount of space as PATP. My wife likes my cards as much as his does too. I have a bookshelf and the floor of my half of the closet for cards and that is it.

  6. I have one solid black trunk left..At one time I had them coming out of the walls..