Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh where oh where has my little snob gone...

Oh where, oh where can he be?

I didn't want to start a post with, "I've been a bad blogger."  I've seen too many of them lately.  Even though I have been a bad blogger.  Like most of us, I've been busy.  Mostly reading other people's blogs, but I've also been attending my son's little league games, and working horrendous hours, etc. etc.

Reading other people's blogs often gives me ideas for my own.  Or I will see a post and admonish myself for not writing basically the same post earlier.  This is one of those times.

Dayf over at Cardboard Junkie, recently wrote a post lamenting the fact, well maybe not lamenting, that he finished his 1970 Braves set, twice.  He recently acquired a card that he already had in his collection but didn't realize it.  I'm sure we've all done that from time to time, I know I have done it already, several times.

So, for the past few weeks, I've been updating my want lists.  You never really appreciate your want lists until you have to revise them.  Here is what a typical want list of mine looks like,

This list is for my 2006 Yankee team sets.  It's relatively straight forward.  Brand, card number, name or initials of player.  A black dot in front of the number means I have the card.  A X in front of the card means, even though the checklist stated the card was a Yankee, they are not pictured in a Yankee uniform.  This mostly occurs with game used cards.  One exception is 2006 Upper Deck #295, Miguel Cairo.  He is listed on Upper Deck's checklist as a Yankee, the front of the card says Yankees, but he is pictured in a Mets uniform.

The X in front of a game used card, usually signifies that the swatch on the card does not match the uniform that the player is pictured.  There is a lot of that in 2006 Upper Deck.

I keep these lists in a 3-ring binder for easy reference.  I also have the lists on line here.  Please check them out.  I'd like to complete some of these Yankee sets as well, as my regular set wants.  My regular set wantlists go straight to the website, no paper copies.

I usually compile my checklist information off the web.  Sometimes at the manufacturer's sites other times at
Baseballcardpedia or The Trading Card Database.  Sometimes even Ebay can be a help.  My biggest gripe with checklists from the manufacturer's is that they are often incomplete.  On the bottom, at the middle of the 2006 want list page are several Topps cards, added onto the list after the fact.  These are Wal-mart inserts that I don't think were ever listed on Topps webpage.  This is only one checklist related problem, not listing all the inserts from all the various retail markets.

The other checklist problem is listing what I call phantom cards.  On the 2006 Bazooka list, you will see under the Bazooka Rewind inserts, the name Thompson.  That's Kevin, not Bobby.   From the original checklist, that card of Kevin Thompson was listed.  I have never seen one, and I've had an Ebay daily search for that card for several years.  I don't believe that it exists.  Another 2006 Bazooka collector I spoke with thinks the same.

I know that checklists change or are subject to change.  But if you do change the checklist, up date your website.  No collector wants to see a repeat of the 1933 Goudey Nap Lajoie.  For you younger collectors out there, here is the story.  In 1933, Goudey issued what is considered a landmark set, by today's and probably 1930"s standards.  The 1933 checklist included Lajoie, the problem was that the card was never issued in 1933.  What a great way to get people to buy your product (sarcasm meter at ultra high).  Tell them a particular card will be in the set, then, don't issue it, and don't tell anyone that you didn't issue it.  Here is an article that covers the history of the card and a little about Nap Lajoe, click me.  At least if you mailed Goudey a letter they would send you the card.  I wonder if this could be considered the first redemption card.


  1. is the Mecca for team collectors nuilding team seys. Jusy don't forget to check out the very bottom for multi team cards.

  2. I'll have to give them a try. The multi team cards can be a real pain.