Friday, June 1, 2012

A Recent Trade

Here are a few pick-ups from a recent trade with Jim over at The Phillies Room.

I wasn't a big fan of the Turkey Red at first, but they have managed to grow on me.  I only need one more Pure Heat insert to complete that set, which completes my 2010 Upper Deck set.  Card 3 Arod.

I've got a 34 hour shift coming up tomorrow. Hope to have a new post next week.


  1. Turkey Red did the same number on me. I didn't like it at first which is a little ironic since I'm into vintage and the retro vitage type sets. It grew on me as well.

    Gypsy Queen was another one. When I first saw some GQ on card blogs I thought they looked hideous, but after getting some and seeing them in hand (I had seen one in a display case at my LCS that also looked hideous) I changed my minde about them.

    1. Same here on the GQ. I thought it was OK, picked up a pack last year and liked the card stock. Old time real cardboard. Last year's design was better than this year's, IMHO.

  2. Hey Snob -- can't find your email address anywhere! Drop me a line about a trade: larsonmorgan )AT( sbcglobal )DOT( net