Monday, September 24, 2012

This is insane

If you've checked out my want lists, you now that in addtion to the sets, Yankee team sets, and subsets that I collect, I also have player collections.  I'm working on a Guidry, Nettles, O'Neill, and Tino Martinez player collection.

Like most collectors, I have searches on Ebay that send me alerts every day. (Which sucks when I'm at work for 38 hours straight, nothing like coming home to 300+ e-mails).  Well this listing came up a while ago, I didn't bid on it, but I added it to my watch list to see where it would end.

1975 Topps Mini Graig Nettles

Is that insane or what?  I can't decide if this is a collector who is putting together a PSA 10 mini set, or a Nettles Super Collector.  I mean, it's a nice card but $610, crazy.


  1. I think it's crazy. Is the purchaser interested in having a nice copy of a particular card or is it more about the white sticker at the top?

  2. I will never be able to drop 6 Franklins on a piece of cardboard. I think the most I've ever spent on one card was 18 bucks, and that was when I was in middle school. But, if I ever WAS to spend a huge chunk of money on one card... would it be a mini?

    No, not for me. But, I guess it takes all kinds.