Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quick Hit: Ichiro, the Cher/Madonna/Prince, well maybe not Prince, of Baseball

So I received a small stack of 2012 Topps the other day. It was a trade I did through "The Bench". (Great trading site btw).  I'm looking through the cards and this one jumps out at me.

I'm looking at the "name plate", for lack of a better term, and think, Oh look, an error, no last name.  So after a little research, I see that the 2012 Ichiro Topps out there, don't have a last name.   As I write this, I'm looking at his uniform, and the back says ICHIRO, shouldn't it say SUZUKI?  After all, it is his last name.

I guess the only other players that would qualify for this honor would have to be Superstars, say Pujols, Jeter.  But I've never really heard of anyone just using those players first name.

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