Thursday, August 30, 2012

My most recent haul


Haven't been keeping up with this as much as I would like.  Hope to change that, starting now.

So, like everyone else, I've been busy with vacation, work, kids, and cards/card projects.  But, I did manage to attend the East Coast National on August 19.  That was the last day of the show, and traditionally the day that I attend.  We left for vacation the next day (Wildwood Crest, NJ), and had great weather and a great time.

About the show:

1) Several dealers who I normally see there were AWOL.  Notably, Teddy from TNTcards, and 707 Collectibles.  Maybe due to the fact that "The National" was just a few weeks prior and a few hours down the road in Baltimore.

2) There was a dearth of recent unopened product.  I couldn't find one dealer selling 2011 Topps update boxes in any way shape or form.  This was one product I really need to get my hands on.  I haven't really started this set yet and I would like to.

3) Vintage galore.  There was a ton of vintage present.  Several dealers with binders of 1956 to about 1973 cards in various states of condition.  Also the requisite number of slabbed vintage.

4) Attendance.  Seemed about the same amount of people as I've seen in the past.  But I don't know how many were kicking tires or actually buying.

5) An occurrence.  Only one dealer was selling the 2012 Topps Mini boxes.  I went up to him, asked the price, knowing full well what the on-line price is.  His quote, $65.  Then the big sales pitch.  Darvish,  Strasburg, limited edition, graded, e-bay, money, money, money.  I said, I'd think about it and walked on.  About 2 hours later I was back at that table.  A dad and his sons were contemplating what boxes they should buy.  He asked about the 2012 Topps Minis.  Big sales pitch first, then the price $70 a box. WTF?  I started to quietly talk to the dad and gave him the 411 on the product.  He thanked me, rounded up his kids and off they went, no purchase.  I did buy a couple of packs from him as I felt a little guilty costing him a sale.  I did buy a pack of the 2012 Mini, just to see what they look like in person. Meh.  All those cards are on Listia at the moment.

Now some scans of what I purchased.

Do you see a pattern here?
and these

Mini madness, I think Night Owl would approve.

and these

Absolutely love the Guidry

and lastly

I'll have a follow up post for each of these lots.
Please come back and check them out.  Meanwhile, I'd be curious to hear every one's comments in regards to #5 above.  And remember, this is a family blog.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A trade with "Rhubarb-Runner"

Here are some cards I got in a trade with David aka Rhubarb Runner at  "é rayhahn, rayhahn".

A couple of nice additions to my Nettles, Guidry, and Tino collections.

Been really busy at work and on two card related projects and spending time with the kids on their summer vacation. Funny, it never seems to be a vacation for us adults.  Hope to find time to post more in the upcoming weeks.