Monday, October 28, 2013

Found in the couch cushions...

Well not really, I don't think this would have fared well in the couch.

I actually found this card in the space behind my desk.  Along with several penny sleeves, a mix cd, and other assorted items.

This is one of the many subset type cards that I collect.

Now, as you know, back in the day (late 70's), it was just Topps.  So, what was a collector to do once he finished the current year's set.  Why go back in time of course, collectively speaking.

I am slowly putting together all the World Series highlights cards back to 1960.
I picked this card up back in August at the East Coast National.  It will shortly find its way to the appropriate binder.

There is an interesting parallel going on in my collecting habits right now.  I haven't finished this year's flagship set yet, nor last year's, or the year's before.
But, I have started to go backwards and start putting together subsets, or Yankee team sets that have now caught my eye (Gallery, MVP Silver Signatures, to name two.)

So, check out my want lists, and see if you can help me go back and catch up with the past.

P.S. Thanks to Jeff over at 2x3 heroes, he sent me some hits to my lists (as I did to his) and pushed me to start blogging again.

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